Europe is an easy continent to travel to quite a few countries in one visit. With multiple intercontinent travel methods ranging from buses to cheap airlines, traveling Europe can be easy and cost effective.

One of the most iconic methods of transportation is train travel, however. Some of the routes that trains take throughout Europe actually include some of the most scenic journeys possible on the continent! Here are some train journeys that are not to be missed during a train infused journey in Europe.

Paris to Nice

This route takes you through small villages with colorful roof clad cottages in the French countryside. The ride includes picturesque lavender fields and sprawling blue beaches all in one journey.

Innsbruck to Bludenz in Austria

This path is the only east-west mountain line in Austria and offers passengers a unique experience including picturesque bridges and tunnels. The line has incredibly steep gradients which offer passengers unique views of the landscape.

Black Forest Line in Germany

Setting off daily, the Black Forest Line surprisingly goes right through the fairy tale inspiring Black Forest. There is no better way to explore the inner depths of the forest that has been protected for years than by riding the Black Forest Line.

Eurocity Line that goes through Germany, Austria and Italy

Luckily this line was designed with the landscape in mind. The train is equipped with huge windows to allow train goers the optimal viewing area. Although the train ride is a bit hefty, don’t opt for the night train or you will miss out on rolling sheep filled hills and dramatic Italian landscapes.

Bernina Express in Switzerland

Another train that was designed to allow passengers to take in the views, The Bernina Express features extra-large panoramic windows. Switzerland is perfectly viewed from this train line passing through glaciers, around lakes, near peaks and even through small Swiss villages.

The Flam Railway in Norway

If waterfalls are in your favorite things list, The Flam Railway line in Norway is a can’t miss opportunity. Today, this line is purely a tourist ride and goes slowly so passengers can full experience the majestic views.

Inlandsbanan in Sweden

Want to visit the Arctic circle? Hop on the Inlandsbanan line in Sweden and you can! The ride may be a hefty one but it is well worth it to experience this region of world. Unique wildlife can also be viewed from the train’s windows including elk, moose and bears galore.

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