Exploring a new city can be very challenging. From finding good places to eat to navigating public transportation methods, every city is unique and poses its own challenges.

In today’s world, there are apps for everything including to help you navigate a new city. So grab your smart phone and book a ticket to unchartered territory and explore stress freely with these apps.

Google Maps

With their recent additions including public transportation and downloadable offline maps, Google Maps really has it all. You can simply plug in your beginning destination and ending destination and find countless different ways to get there. Get real time updates on traffic or out of service public transportation lines. Uber is even included now, so if a destination isn’t easily reachable any other way, you can go directly to the Uber app to hire yourself a car.

Google Maps now has the ability to download a map for offline usage. Before you leave your wifi zone download the maps you’ll need to get around and head out stress free and avoid having to lug around printed maps and look like a tourist.


Everyone needs to use the bathroom, and finding a public option can be a challenge at times. If you’re not interested in buying a snack to use a coffee shop bathroom, this app has you covered. This is a crowdsourced app and therefore completely made by recommendations from real travelers. It allows travelers to find public restrooms and even read reviews of them!


This is an app designed to help travelers find restaurants, movie theaters, ATMs and other conveniences in new cities. An easy to navigate interface automatically populates the closest things to you depending on what you’re looking for.

Wi-Fi Finder

Gone are the days of wandering the streets going in and out of coffee shops in the hunt for wifi. This app will populate all of the wifi options around town and will even tell you if the wifi is free or not. It even allows you to download the locations for a particular city for offline usage, because you probably won’t have wifi when you’re looking for wifi!

Google Translate

This has long been a service on the internet but now it is an app that you can save translations to. With over 100 languages, Google Translate can help you master a language or at least navigating a foreign country in no time.

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