Europe is best known for its iconic attractions like Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In the warmer months, picnicking near these attractions is a very popular activity. Packing a basket with a bottle of wine, some light snacks, a blanket and grabbing some friends is a great way to pass an afternoon whilst taking in a spectacular sight. You can’t forget the Instagramability of such an activity as well!

No matter the country or city you’re visiting in Europe there is sure to be a popular picnicking spot nearby. Here are some of the best picnic spots in Europe.

Under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Obviously this has to be number 1. Is there anything more iconically French than having a romantic picnic while staring at its greatest landmark? Grab a French baguette, a spread of cheese and some crudities and a delicious Bordeaux and watch the sunset behind the tower.

Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome, Italy.

Sprinkled with iconic Italian sculptures by Bernini and paintings by famous Italian artists, this garden captures a traditionally English style in an Italian way. A picnic set up in the beautiful landscape is a great escape from a day filled with sightseeing the Roman ruins.

Primrose Hill in Camden Town, London, UK

Not as well known as some of the other London haunts, Primrose Hill offers an incredible overlook of the city of London. A picnic is perfect at sunset, when you will be torn between gazing at the London Eye or the changing sky. It is rumored that the number of doves spotted flying through the sky is a hint at the state of London’s finances.

Margaret Island in Budapest, Hungary

With Japanese Gardens, a thermal spa and no cars, this island in the middle of Buda and Pest makes for the perfect nature getaway. Swing by the Central Market Hall to grab supplies before hand at reasonable prices.

Parc Cutadella in Barcelona, Spain

This little, romantic park is absolutely the perfect spot in Barcelona for couples to enjoy a romantic, quiet afternoon picnic as the sun dips down. Pick a spot near the lake to enjoy the ornate fountain and the shade from a palm tree.

Westerpark in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This is a popular spot with hipsters but makes for a perfect picnic destination as well. Industrial buildings around the park have been repurposed into jazz cafes or art galleries which give you ample wandering opportunities after your cozy picnic.

Volkspark Friedrichshain in Berlin, Germany

This is Berlin’s oldest park and arguably the most beautiful. A perfect picnic spot can be found near the fountain with images of Hanzel and Gretel and Cinderella adorning it. If a picnic with a view is what your after try heading to the top of one of the two ‘bunker mountains’ that are made from the rubble from WWII.

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