If you are planning a trip to Europe, planning you travel between countries can be a daunting task. There are a plethora of options to choose from including air, train, bus or walking. Well, not walking. Some methods are more expensive but take less time while others are cheaper but what they lack in price they also lack in quality and timeliness. It can get very confusing and time consuming to sift through all the information about different methods of transportation.

Two of the most popular methods are Busabout and Eurail. Busabout is a bus company that operates in Western Europe while Eurail is a train service throughout most of Europe. Each have their pros and cons and it is important to weigh your options when deciding on transportation.


This budget accommodation option typically caters to the backpacker community within Europe. This is because Busabout offers a “Hop on hop off” pass that makes traveling to many destinations in one trip within Europe, both cost effective and simple. The pass allows Busabout goers to stay at a destination for as long or as short as they desire with these open ended tickets.

Busabout will even drop you directly at your hostel door, thus saving you even more money on expensive taxis.

The backpacker community has embraced the Busabout method of transportation whole-heartedly. In this community of travelers, Busabout makes for a great way to make travel companions and life long friends. Many European backpackers follow the same route and therefore run into the same people constantly on their Busabouts.

The staff on the Busabout buses are also well known for their hospitality and helpfulness. It is easy to find a staff member that is willing to share local hot spots or snipbits of their local language to help fellow travelers.

If you are looking for a laid back or party filled trip, Busabout is definitely the option for you.


Eurail is a massive train network covering 24 countries in Europe. It allows travelers the freedom to literally make their own schedule. If one day you are craving a good authentic German beer, you can easily hop on the train and be there in a few hours.

The Eurail Saver Pass is the best option if you are looking to travel extensively within Europe on one go. The pass allows you unlimited travel wherever the train goes. When purchasing your pass, simply choose the countries you plan to visit and that determines the cost of your pass.

The perks for Eurail include time; train travel is significantly faster than bus travel within Europe. The train isn’t as easy to meet and make friends or fellow travelers on, however. For solo travelers, the train can make for an isolating or lonely experience. Depending on what your looking for in a social scene, Eurail may or may not be for you.

Weigh your options when considering transportation within Europe. Both Eurail and Busabout offer different perks and appeal to different demographics. Both are cost effect ways, however, to see as much of Europe as possible!

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