Hostels have long been renowned as youth backpacker party havens. Stories of all night ragers, sexual relations in the bed below you and filthy conditions have long since plagued the hostel reputations. For these reasons and many others, travelers not in their early twenties and into the party scene may be weary about staying at one of these establishments.

Consider these points, however, before counting out hostel stays for your next over 30 adventure.

Hostels are not always dirty, dingy, and gross.

Yes, some hostels still fit that model but most are getting phased out as travelers’ standards are increasing and as hostels are upping the stakes. Around the world, hostels are beginning to understand that they can offer an experience that is unique to hotels and in order to draw people in they need to up their quality. It’s customary to find complimentary water, towels, and even social events. Many hostels are even higher quality than neighboring hotels because they’ve begun to understand that the backpacker trail communicates and that a dirty bed can carry through conversations down the road for weeks.

They are quickly becoming the affordable accommodation option.

Travelers of all ages are realizing that shelling out hundreds for a place to store your things and sleep for a night isn’t worth it. Hostel goers are united in this thinking. It also applies to travelers of all ages. In Europe, aristocrat travelers that are over 30 are choosing hostels for their cheaper price tag.

Many hostels have private rooms.

If you aren’t looking to share a room with 20+ strangers, hostels can still be for you. Most hostels are now offering private or very small dorm rooms for 3-4 people. These rooms will have slightly higher rates than the dorm beds but they will still be significantly cheaper than a comparable hotel bed.

Many hostels are now targeting older generations.

The popular international hostel chain, Hostelling International, offers discounts to members over 55 years of age. This chain also happens to be one of the only ones in the United States.

Check reviews and go for a hostel further away from town.

Reviews will help you to determine if a hostel is a party hostel or not. Depending on your preferences you will know whether you want to choose a certain hostel based on their social scene. Also, location is often a determining factor in the age ratio at a particular hostel. This is due to a very basic principle, in most countries you need to be 25 to rent a car, therefor, hostels that are only reachable by car will probably only be occupied by travelers over 25.

As a traveler over 30, hostels are a great place to stay. They aren’t all the binge drinking, party festivals like you see in movies. Many are respectable and even tailor to mature travelers. Do your research and you will find hostels that fit your needs.

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