It is a well known fact that today’s society is shaped by social media. Gone are the days when we just talked about our travels or shared stories simply over an elegant dinner party. We live in a connected world.

When on a trip, it’s natural to want to share your experiences and stories with loved ones back at home. You don’t have to start a blog in order to do so. Social media is a great way to share as much or as little of a story as you’d like. You can post long-winded accounts of your travels or just a picture to tell a thousand words. Find what works for you.

Here are some tips on how to tell cool travel stories through social media.

Have a beginning, middle and end.

Maybe not explicitly defined as simply as a beginning, middle and end, a story should have structure. Think about where it started, what happened during it that made you want to share it and what happened after or what finished it. Put a little thought into the order in which you post pieces of your story. You don’t jump to the end of the book and read it first, or maybe you do, but most people don’t. Don’t share the finale before sharing how you got there.

One exception being if it’s a really BIG finale.

If you went skydiving, or you got mugged or it’s something else that will really capture people’s attentions, you can lead with that to hook people and then share snipbits of how you got there.

Pick your platform.

Don’t post the same thing on every social media channel that you use. If you want to tweet your experience then tweet it, if you’d rather share photos or videos than stick to Instagram. Your friends and family don’t want to see the same picture and words about a cow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Post pictures or video of YOU.

Your friends want to hear about your stories because they of you, so make sure to include yourself in your posts! Even just a photo of you in front of the something you’re talking about creates depth in your story. Get creative with it! But most of all remember people are reading your post because of YOU!

Be concise when possible but not too consice.

It is important to remember you’re telling a story, include the details that are necessary to the story but leave out fluff that doesn’t add to it. Most people aren’t going to sit down to read a 5 paragraph Facebook update about your snorkeling experience. If you find you are constantly leaning towards wordy social media entries, maybe you should consider starting a blog afterall!

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