Nestled in Southeast Asia between Myanmar, Malaysia and Cambodia lays Thailand. Known as the, “Land of Smiles”, Thailand is a popular stop for travelers to Southeast Asia.

The country isn’t overwhelming but deciding where to go during a month of traveling can be. The country holds the mountainous regions of the north and exotic beaches and islands of the south. It holds a little something for everyone and can be an incredibly full month of travel.

Use this itinerary to help you plan your month long visit (or more!) to Thailand.

Fly into Bangkok

This city has a lot to offer as your first stop in Thailand. It is a great jumping off point as it is pretty much in the middle of the country. You can easily spend 5-7 days exploring the city and its surroundings. Plan your visit for a weekend and hit up Chatuchak market to get all of your shopping done.

Spend time exploring the main street of Sukhumvit and the massive malls that line the street and venture to the side streets for scrumptious street food.

Day trips include the UNESCO world heritage site of Ayutthaya, the National Park of Kho Yai and the infamous floating markets.

Chiang Mai

Hop on a train bus or plane and head to the north for a week. Chiang Mai is a bustling little town built around a moat. Take some time wandering the streets or time your visit with the Lantern Festival in October/November for a breathtaking view.

A great day trip includes The Elephant Nature Park to give some rescued elephants a bath or a hug.


If scootering is in your repertoire, rent a motorbike and traverse the winding roads up to this hill town. Spend a night or two among the locals and practice yoga, get a massage or go shopping for some unique finds.


Either bus or train down to this province with a stop over in Bangkok where you can hit up Koh San Road to restock on tank tops or chill with friends. Or if time is of the essence, hop on a cheap flight for less than $100 USD to jet down to Krabi.

Here you can pick whether to stay in Krabi Town for a couple days and venture around that area, take day trips to some of the most beautiful beaches in Krabi including Railay beach or jump on a ferry to an island for truly unique experience.

Each island has a completely different vibe so choose one that fits your desires. Koh Tao is great for divers or Koh Phangan is a yoga paradise one day or a raging full moon party another.

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