Sweden, Norway and Denmark are popular destinations for summertime travel. The winters in Scandinavia can be exceptionally brutal so what better time is there to visit than the warmer months of summer.

Planning a trip to this region can prove daunting, however. With a ton of destinations and hot spots to choose from, choosing a few to plan a trip around is a challenge. Here is a great list to get you started in planning where to visit in Scandinavia this summer.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Though it is a far cry from the other countries in the Scandinavian realm, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is worth the trip. The natural hot springs’ ice blue color is incredibly unique and its waters are known for their restorative powers. It also happens to be close to Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik thus making a trip there very simple.

Visit castles in Denmark

Denmark is rich with history and much of it can be found in its intricate network of towering castles sprinkled across the country. Scandinavian kings and queens were unique and the architecture within the walls of these castles are sure to wow. Find yourself a few of the biggest and best and set out to be wowed.

Tour Stockholm

As one of Scandinavia’s top destinations, it is a can’t miss stop this summer. In the warmer months, a walking tour of the city can be a great way to get insider info not found in the guidebooks. Try to find a tour that caters to photographers as the city is extremely photo friendly and you’ll be wanting to stop at every corner.

The Danish Royal Gardens near Copenhagen in Denmark

Copenhagen is a no brainer of a destination to visit when planning a visit to Scandinavia but the Danish Royal Gardens could be overlooked hence why they made this list. These gardens have a unique flair to them that comes from the Baroque period in which they were planted. The French influence is strong in these gardens and offers visitors a peaceful retreat from the bustle of Copenhagen.

Whale Watching in Norway

There are very few areas of the world where whales can be viewed and off the coast of Norway is one of those places. Book yourself a tour and get out early. Unique to Norway is the opportunity to even swim with the whales, give it a shot.

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